Sweet Dreams Vietnam

This hot palm print was drawn from life while traveling through Vietnam. Using bright contrasting colours and shadows available in a large palate of colours, this tropical print will lift any interior into an enticing forest of colour. 


Botanical Mirror

This collection uses traditional autumnal foliage with a modern mirrored twist that lifts the design into a modern classic. 

Fuchsia Flower

Using flowers and meticulously drawn fuchsias to create this mandala repeat pattern. Inspired by the middle eastern tiled temples to make a perfect repeat pattern.  Collaboration with artist Amy Guy.


This retro-inspired Geometric collection will make any interior pop with playful colours and far-out shapes. 


This collection has been drawn from life, using magnolia branches with unfolding petals with bright contrasting colours. 


An ode to Hamlets lover who died a watery and romantic end, this collection uses an organic yet tight repeat making it perfect to bring harmony to any room in the house. 

Contact me to order samples in any of the prints, fabrics, wallpapers and pillows available.